May 15


​Yin Yang Questionnaire

Oriental wisdom suggests that all matter is made of yang (masculine) and yin (feminine) qualities. People need to learn to balance their masculine and feminine characteristics because when these two opposing forces are not in harmony, discord results. In some circles, the vital yang approach has become politically incorrect and individuals may try to deny it within themselves. However, awareness of and ability to use both yin and yang qualities must be fostered to achieve full maturity.



1: Diffuse awareness

1: Focused concentration

2: Dark, wet, mysterious

2: Bright, dry, warm

3: Desire to merge, unite

3: Desire to penetrate and explore

4: Forms selective attachments

4: Incapable of commitment

5: Protects, nourishes, breeds

5: Fertilizes, creates

6: Restrains as it embraces

6: Explosive, daring, independent

7: Preserves beauty and integrity of others

7: Delighted with its own power, and is unaware of limitations

8: Pure form: nothing moves, lacks all initiative

8: Pure form: rapes and plunders everything in its path

Directions: To discover if your approach is primarily yin, yang, or both, mark the side of the chart that best describes the way you operate or view life.

Mark both sides of the chart for any items in which either approach is comfortable for you. Total the number of items you mark in each column. Discuss ratings with your partner to enhance the validity of the scores and to increase awareness of changes you could make to better balance yin and yang qualities in yourself.

​Yin Approach

​Yang Approach

Accepts differences.
Looks at all the angles.
Uses creative and diffuse thinking style.
Finds that logic balances and connects ideas.
Relies on intuition.
Waits for decisions to come.
Learns through observation and experience.
Values process over product.
Seeks meaning.
Values unseen accomplishments like touching a life.
Sees death as a part of life.
Is people-oriented.
Puts others’ needs first.
Places relationships before goals.
Believes relationships bring new opportunities.
Experiences love as an energy flow.
Communicates to connect.
Connects through sharing thoughts and feelings.
Negotiates to appease.
Seeks consensus in groups.
Sees power as strength, flexibility, and self-control
Strives to change self.
Finds rank, order, and position unimportant.
Sees responsibility as the ability to respond.

Judges superior and inferior, right and wrong.
Focuces on relevant data.
Uses direct and logical thinking style.
Uses logic as a tool to explain and convince.
Relies on senses.
Makes decisions and is decisive.
Learns through exploration & taking things apart.
Values success and production
Seeks accomplishments.
Values tangible accomplishments like production and promotions.
Believes accomplishments survive one’s death.
Is task-oriented
Puts own needs first.
Places goals before relationships.
Believes relationships require sacrifice.
Experiences love as an exchange of gifts.
Communicates to exchange ideas.
Connects through sharing activities.
Negotiates to win.
Seeks majority rule.
Sees power as command, control, and influence.
Tries to change others.
Respects rank, order and position.
Sees responsibility as accountability.



​Good leaders delegate power & facilitate others.
Healers facilitate the natural healing process.
Rules serve the needs of the individual and can be interpreted on a case-by-case basis.
Each person must discover what is right or moral for him or herself.
Time is “organic” and adjusts to individual needs and schedules.
Natural resources, plants and animals require attention and protection.
Science promotes understanding of and living in harmony with the universe.
Maturity is achieved by integrating Yin/yang energies.

Good leaders are a source of strength & authority.
Healers identify problems & prescribe remedies.
Rules serve the needs of society and should be followed to the letter of the law.
There are fixed standards of right and wrong towards which everyone should strive.
Time is “fixed” and personal schedules should be adjusted for punctuality.
Natural resources, plants and animals exist to serve human needs.
Science enables better control of the Universe.
Maturity is measured by successes, accomplish-ments and respect from others.


The “White Male System” and the “Female System” described in Woman’s Reality by Anne Schaef (Minnesota: Winston Press, 1981) were used in creating this chart.

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