May 20


​Social Skills

Very often people who have attention deficits (ADD) or hyperactivity (ADHD) feel isolated from peers. Both disorders affect socialization by causing intrusiveness or lack of attention. In mild cases people can be taught coping skills. Although medication can decrease aggression and disruptiveness and improve focusing, people may need to learn ways to interact that they missed in their premedication days. The following games and activities are designed for use in classrooms and social skills groups. They can also be adapted for family activities, Sunday school, support groups, or scout meetings and can be redesigned as consequences for undesirable behavior.




(1) “I feel . . . when you. . . .”
(2) “Would you . . ., . . ., or. . . .”
(3) “I will (not) . . . if you. . . .”


Topics for activities were taken from Beyond Ritalin by Garber, Garber & Spizman (HarperPerennia, 1996)
See How to Handle Bullies, Teasers and other Meanies, a parent-child resource, by Kate Cohen-Posey (Lakeland, Fl: Rainbow Books, 1995)

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