May 19


​Ritual Identification Chart

Directions: Identify the rituals you perform to undo or prevent harm, mistakes, deprivation, or other problems. Calculate the amount of time you spend performing these rituals. Make sure you have examined all of your repetitious habits to determine if they are compulsions. Below is an example of a chart you might create:

Repeated Habits and Actions


Repeating what I am doing to “undo” a bad thought

30 minutes/day

Counting the number of times I am repeating to make sure is not three times or a multiple of three

60 minutes/day

Washing my hands

40 times/day

Calling my husband to make sure he hasn’t been hurt

50 minutes/day

Counting rolls of toilet paper, canned goods, etc.

20 minutes/day

Buying things from garage sales

10 hours/week

Putting two periods after every sentence I write

10 minutes/day

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